Choosing the Right Keynote Speaker

One of the most important duties of a conference planner is finding the right keynote speaker. Of course, you would want that someone who will leave the audience inspired. After all, keynotes are usually delivered at the start of the event and this speaker sets the tone for everything about to happen. Keynote should be able to have a positive impact on the audience for the whole event.

Here are some general guidelines to help you pick an excellent speaker for your event:

•    You want somebody whose mere name or position would spark the interest of people and persuade them to join the event.
•    This person needs to have a relevant message, can speak articulately, and truly inspire the audience.
•    It helps if the speaker’s fee fits your budget without having to give up other basic necessities.

Wow Factor

Perhaps you can find a way to make a big name celebrity relevant to your event, but that is not usually the answer. Your keynote speaker should be someone who works on an interesting or innovative project within the industry. He/she does not have to be a famous person. You could possibly beat the lack of fame with a great description of the theme and how it can potentially transform the industry forever.

motivationTry to find the biggest advocate in your industry – a dynamic industry leader or an influential politician. In case you cannot find that, consider getting one of the most popular experts or CEOs in your industry.

If you have someone noteworthy as your keynote speaker, it encourages people to join the event and catches attention when you share a video of the speech on social networking sites such as YouTube or Facebook.

Find a Relevant Person

Fame does not mean anything if everybody is wondering what a well-known figure could possibly discuss about, for instance, city sewage and sustainable water infrastructure that he/she did not just read on the Internet. What could be worse is if it turns out that he/she does not really know anything about it.

People might think that the event organizer is just wasting money on worthless lavishness – and they are most probably right. Look for a speaker who knows the ins and outs of the industry and could truly inspire the audience and make them want to attend again your next company event.

Do Not Overpay

You cannot find a good keynote speaker who would offer his/her services for free. There is no exception to this. If ever you find somebody who will speak for free, he/she is almost certain to be trying to promote or even sell something. Might as well, let him/her collect some dollars from the attendees by passing a hat around when his/her speech is done.

The keynote speech is important and you need to have an ample budget to hire the right speaker. Once you have set your budget, do not go over it. Make a list of your prospective speakers and ask for the fees of your first choice. Find out as well what is included in those fees. If it does not fit your budget, check if he/she is willing to negotiate. If not, move on to your second choice, and so on.

Keynote Goals

Taking all of these into consideration, you have the ingredients into having a hit keynote speech. The ultimate goal is to have a sold out event and inspire everyone in the audience. Moreover, people will log into Facebook or YouTube to see what your keynote speaker has to say about the theme of your event. In the process, there will be people who will hear about your company for the first time and your company is expanding its brand recognition.

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