A Guide To Ordering Your ID Lanyards

ID lanyards are somewhat a staple item to many organizations. They are truly functional in displaying identification, professional-looking, and also a useful item to give away at special events. We can completely customize your lanyards to reflect the corporate image, colors, and values you want to promote.

If you intend to distribute them to attendees at a conference to hold their attendance passes or IDs, you want something that is comfortable to wear, of high-quality that represents the people who would wear it, and has an attachment suitable to attach the ID.

ID LanyardsYou can also use custom lanyards to promote the activities of your company and its important values at a trade fair. In order to choose the perfect lanyard for you, you have to know your audience and what you intend to use these items for. With this information, you can discuss with us your requirements and then you can select the right materials and attachments we have available for you.

Things to Consider

Before ordering your ID lanyards, you need to consider the following:
• How complicated your company name and logo is an important factor. Consider if you want them both printed and what other text you want to include.

• The colors you want to use.

• How quickly you need the items.

• The number of items you need and your budget.

If you want to be even more specific, as yourself the follow questions:

1. Which of the available styles will best fit your purpose?

Nylon and polyester are two of the most common materials we use for promotional lanyards. They are best for printing your design through dye sublimation or screen-printing techniques.

If you have a simple design and you want your text to be really clear, we recommend that you go for woven lanyards. For brilliance and high visibility, our premium quality nylon lanyards can cover that for you. Visit here www.wholesalelanyards.com you can get different styles of lanyards.

For affordability and quality combined, your best option is tubular lanyards. These custom lanyards offer the look and feel of a tubular shoelace. You can have them custom printed with your company name, logo, or text. If you only want to put in text on your lanyards, cord lanyards are best for you. They offer comfort with simple, yet elegant look.

2. Which attachment is right for you?

You can choose from a variety of attachments for your ID lanyards. The first thing you need to decide on is whether you want metal or plastic attachment. Most customers want a metal attachment because it looks nicer and adds a little weight to the lanyard, but there are also customers who opt with a plastic attachment for various reasons. These customers are often working in environments where electricity or large magnets are present.

• Plastic is a good option for you if your uniform requirements do not allow any kind of metallic item.

• Metal is the most common material for our lanyard attachments.

• Thumb trigger, swivel j hook, and oval hook are some of the most popular attachments that look good and function brilliantly.

• While carabiner hook is small, it can still hold many items or ID cards if necessary.

• You can go for a key ring if you want to attach your keys to your lanyards along with your ID.

• Cell phone loop is also available to hold mobile phones.

• Safety breakaway and buckle release are also available.

3. Do you need safety breakaway for your ID lanyards?

The safety breakaway option is at the back of the user’s neck and it can come apart when the lanyard is pulled by a medium force. We recommend a safety breakaway if you are going to use your lanyards around machineries or moving parts. Many of our customers go for this option because it is quite affordable and safety should always come first.

4. Do you need badge holders?

Badge holders are functional when it comes to displaying your IDs and badges properly. They come in rigid plastic or flexible PVC, depending on your requirements.

These are some of the other factors that you need to consider when ordering your ID lanyards. If you need further help, you can talk to us so we can recommend the right design or material for your needs.

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